Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Nearly time to pack up for the day.

Been a busy day of paperwork. Tidying up desktop piles and filing cabinet, in between assisting customers with their enquiries, helping new students fill out paperwork.

I am really itching to get into some more life long learning of my own. Seem to be a little stagnant at present, mind needs some new input.

Well bye to all from Oatlands. Tidy Town of Tasmania 2009.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Wednesday

Hi everyone,

What a lovely autumn day on this 6th day of May 2009. Sitting here at my work computer setting up a blog site called Di @ Oatlands.

I am the coordinator at Oatlands Online Access Centre and work 12 hours a week at the Centre. Covering numerous tasks including life long learning.

I was very happy that last week I received in the mail my Certificate IV in Front Line Management which I completed early. Yah me. This was a great personal achievement as the work had to be scheduled during my short 12 hours. Success was receiving this long awaited for certificate. More to aim for. :)